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01 Business Development

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of ups and downs. Whether you are a start-up who wants to get off the round or an established business owner who wants to grow their business, find out how we can help!

02 Branding

The first impression of an artist or business is their brand. This is a way for fans and customers to readily identify you. SoulFree executes visual branding by merging desire and outlook to produce a brand that is unique, appropriate, and timeless. Visual Branding is more than just logos, websites, flyers, and business cards; it is about brand identity.

03 Production

Production is the heart of our company. Projects in film, theatre, music, and television are our strong suit. If you are an artist with a ton of concepts that you aren't sure how to bring to tuition, let us help you! Our productions have been produced from the biggest of stages to the smallest of iPhone screens.

04 Event Planning

As its core, SoulFree is about the freedom of the creative soul. It is our desire to create a world in which dreams are not just visions they see under their eyelids. We go step by step with you to create not just an event, but an experience. Our clients will attest to the care they received in the process.

05 Professional Design

We provide clean and custom graphic images for your business, product, or brand.

Welcome to SoulFreee!

More than likely you are here because you're ready to launch or enhance your least you think you are. We are here to give you that little push.

About SoulFreee

SoulFree Enterprises LLC, began as small home-based graphic design company named Brainchild Designs in 2013. In just two short years, fueled by the vision of the under 30 CEO's, Soulfree has become a full service creative resource firm. The company was birthed from a dire need for visionaries to have a place where they could find the tools needed to manifest their ideas. Our mission has been since the very beginning to empower the entrepreneur, to play midwife to the dreamer, and provide a canvas for the creative.

Effective Service

Through our wide range of professional and creative services, we provide our clients with excellence and lasting impressions. We pay close attention to each unique client we encounter and cater to their needs, all while considerings and analyzing current market trends.

Effective Delivery

SoulFree has a reputation of providing prompt delivery of services and professional accuracy. This ensures our clients can meet deadlines and focus more on their own duties

Exponential Growth

In all things growth is essential. SoulFree's growth is contingent on the ability to consistently meet client needs and continue to be a creative powerhouse in the entertainment and arts industries. We believe that by growing our business and the business of others, we thereby give back to and build the community.

Production At Our Core

Soulfreee is multifaceted; however, at its core, it is a production company. We specialize in the performing arts and entertainment industry. Click on the diamonds below to learn more about how we can aid you or your team in production coordination.


Dream Photography Group LLC (38 of 39)With our staff’s expertise in performing arts and the technical aspects of acting, singing, and dancing as the keen eye for talent and aesthetics, we can foster any production to life with our casting services.


10478530_858728780825209_3575478548562871864_nFrom unique perspectives on a script, innovative stage blocking, or simple polishing for a production, we can give you or your company the needed creative direction to keep your film, stage, or concert production fresh and up to par with industry standards.


onsetWhether it is scouting filming locations, theater venues, or making sure you or your company is staffed and informed, we can provide all the needs to properly coordinate a project.


backstageWe know exactly how important it is to have a peace of mind, which is why we can help you ensure that everything backstage and behind the scenes is running seamlessly. Whether you need staffing for stage hands, hair and make-up, or other backstage staff we can help provide your needs.


1465364_355970464566552_7122830423757737240_nAlready have your production up and running, or about to, but want to sharpen the craft of your team? We can help there too! Soulfreee workshops are like none other. They are often structured to specific needs. Find out how we can get your cast camera or stage ready!


Do Right Mickey! AuditionsThrough the visual branding department we can provide your project with ticket designs, playbills, production logos, flyers, and all the other tools you may need to make sure the visual outlet of your project is professional and enticing.


Cleavon Meabon, IV’s, ‘BREATHE’ has become an annual demand for audiences around Atlanta, and even nationally.  SoulFreee presents the project as its first major production. The production is now award winning as it won two CMMAs (Best Musical of the Year – Best Director of the Year).

  • BREATHE features over 30 African American performers..
  • The production is 3 years old and ever changing.
  • BREATHE has opened for the Universoul Circus.
  • BREATHE has been seen by over 1000 Atlantans ..

Stay tuned! Auditions and show dates will be posted soon.

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Our Team


Every now and then we come across clients that need a bulk of things. We have composed three small business packages and a corporate package to aid those clients in need. These are some of the features.

Demographic Analysis

The great thing about being a business owner or a creative is the potential to expand your network. Our clients are often in search of innovative ways to spread their goods and services. We keep a close look at who is looking and who needs to be served.

Social Media Management

Social Media is the cornerstone of today's market and consumer trends. Media outlets with great upkeep maintain a captive audience. Knowing what to post and when to post it is SoulFreee's newest asset that you should take advantage of now.

Wordpress Site

Wordpress is a great web based builder for blogs and informational websites. Soulfreee has married WordPress to deliver well rounded responsive websites to our clients. This way clients can make their own changes and keep their customers/audience informed as well.

Visual Branding

What you see is what you get is a standard that most people take to heart. We ensure our clients aren't looked over for the quality of their graphics. We are consistently growing in graphic design. We can do anything.

Client Highlights

Our clients are always busy and we support them 100%. Check out what is happening this month in the SoulFreee world.

Our Skills

Design 55%
Wordpress 85%
Photography 70%
Web Design 75%
Photoshop 80%


Our Pricing Tables

$200per month

Silver Package

$400per month


$600per month


$1000 per month


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